Ravenous part 3


You’re getting very defensive here pal, has @glasagusban hit a nerve?


Do you know what was he on about ?


It’s just a simple either or question mate.


Yes, I do.


What was it?


It was about your long suffering wife.


Are you going to tell me what the point he was making was?



I’ve really perfected this dish, it’s absolutely delicious. Brown chicken breasts for a few minutes a side and set aside. Sauté onion and mushrooms, add minced garlic and a spoon of flour to thicken, a few cups of white wine, add back chicken, cover and cook for 10 min. Finish with a few tbs fresh tarragon and a small bit of cream.


I’d ate that


Decent looking potatoes. Would you not eat a bit of veg with your dinner?


It’s chicken with white wine and tarragon pal not rocket science


American veg are all GM. He’d be dead inside a year.


Whole foods was closed


With a few roasht shpuds.


Proper bit of tea here now


My God :heart_eyes:


Superb, you’ll be fit to burst after that!


Look at that steak


When you’ve been toiling away as a sous chef in a diner as long as yer man has, you’d probably think that is haute cuisine.