Ravenous part 3



I thought it was a few bits of Roast Beef.


You should get a gas stove


Did you boil the shteak?


An appetite killer of a plate of food


Ah lads. Pork belly here. Slow cooked.

Roast sphuds are sensational


Savage plate of grub. Id say you look more like ricky Hatton than carl floch these days pal?




I need it, I’m doing savage running these days. I’m some man to get a crust on a bit of food, salmon, pork, steak, spuds, I can do the whole thing


No mate, only Chinese curry.


They do, it looks just like what you posted, and it’s very very tasty. Don’t mind that muldoon.


Japanese curry is the shizz.


Fried on an oily pan


It’s like chipper curry. It’s for unrefined palettes.


the curry sauce in Katsu curry is exactly like that mcdonnells stuff or whatever you call it, fucking horrendous, no wonder the Oirish love it


Curry chips is probably Choco’s idea of Asian food.


Are you banged up abroad?


A chicken Katsu Snack Box



You must have porter taken?


That’s an average enough quip… the two simpletons that liked it :rollseyes:


Those chips look top notch