Ravenous part 3


A lovely bit of tea.

Who did you halve the curry sauce with?


You must have some frying pan. From Sheffield I’d say.


Never put all the sauce on at the start. You need to keep some to top up.


You know the rule, anyone having a pop at you gets a like. You’re the whipping boy of the forum.


Adored but never ignored … Guys wanna be me, girls wanna be with me.


Had a bit of boiled corned beef last night for the tea. Served it with boiled new potatoes and cauliflower. Only adornment was salt and butter on the potatoes. It was a lovely feed. Corned beef can be very hit and miss and you can be unlucky and get a very tough cut but this was a lovely piece. Got it in Aldi.


Did you book the cauliflower or roast it? I hated the it until recently, it’s lovely stuff when roasted.


I steamed it.


I might have gone a bit overboard with this one lads…



Green curry? Fair play, if you have a lime handy squeeze it in, the more the better


I had 3 Kiltefeely Ballybridgewater sausages there for lunch. Not bad.


Don’t tell me, don’t tell me


Lovely bit of tea after the gym


A few cocoa leaves is it?


You’re stone mad on the chips


A lovely moist salmon fillet with roasted cauliflower and broccoli, quinoa and brown rice.


I’d ate that right now.


That’s the job!


And of the course all the plastic, mercury, chlordane and lindane found in the salmon.