Ravenous part 3



Tasty Hut shut down again.


There was an absence of a cleaning programme and doner meat left at room temperature discovered by inspectors at the take-away Speedo Pizza Kebab , Lord Edward Street, Limerick.

Every time this unit reopens it’s hit with a closure order


What was waiting for me after a run this evening. I scoffed it down, even though it was done with minimum effort from Ms Locke. I was ravenous, so I was




That’s a lovely looking bit of tea


I don’t know what to say here. Have you
A) A sliced pan in the house or
B) A dog.


Looks amazing. Can you put up the recipe?


I always assumed you were happily married, Locke. Shows what I know.


There’s an honesty of effort in that plate of grub. She is clearly no Rachel allen by the look of it but women like that make up for it in other areas. The lady did her best. Its been sitting there an hour or more as the cunt fucked off out for a run.


C) A sliced dog


A packet of fresh penne, a breast and a half of chicken, a half a head of broccoli a half a head of cauliflower, some homemade pesto and a bit of parmesan.


Someone really loves you.


Sure if you don’t love yourself no one will. It’s part of your problem I’d say.


How long did it take her to individually draw the moisture from each pea?
Did she use a neddle or what?


One egg would have been grand, two would have been perfect


The meal is supposed to be sausages, beans and chips. You can’t just swap in peas willy nilly.


Shur even some tinned peas would just about survive a run in the microwave, not garden peas though.


Belfasts got the buzz (that’s Belfast)


I don’t usually like beans but I’ll have them sometimes, sausage peas and chips is a grand meal, a couple of soft fried eggs would have made it much better


Sorry for your troubles