Ravenous part 3


There’s lads on here who’d eat that every morning to start the day.


Yeah, I’d ate that myself without much trouble


I’d say the full Oirish in Finnegans would have the same quantity as standard.



He probably snorted one half and injected the other.


Pete’s looking well anyway.


After 3 days on the pipe and without food, I’m surprised he didn’t ask for seconds.




Lovely bit of tea here



Carrigaholt mussels.






You get them in Finnegans?


Clearly not :joy:


:grinning: I thought maybe the side of mash and veg and bowl of chips was off to the side somewhere


Get the dinner outta the way early so you can get a good run at the rest of the day.


I’ve to do a cycle and run this evening so I held back on the spuds and meat. Might have a top up dinner before a few pints later


It’s grand getting home for a few days so I can gorge meself stupid on shitty deli food.
Crusty suasages that have been sitting under a lamp for the best part of a few hours :heart_eyes:
Rolls with all manner of filling :kissing_heart: