Ravenous part 3


:grinning: widows memories


Ah leave him off. He was loving the bit of notoriety he was getting from those photos he’s finding on facebook.


Post reported


Are the turks leaking more photos from the Saudi Arabian embassy?


Feeding time at the zoo* as the man says.

  • Bewleys on Grafton Street.


We were hugely impressed with Bewleys when we took afternoon tea there a couple of months ago. Mrs Fitzy loved it. The service was outstanding.


Nice spot to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of Grafton St


Where’s that shop?


Top of Denmark st, across from the car park after the icon.


There’s a really good shop on Henry street as well, much bigger in fact, next to the old Corner flag, across from Moviedrome, I do my own curry spices as well, get all I need in there.

Enjoying a few pieces of the finest baklava you’ll get outside of Turkey here


Lovely piece of brisket after 9 hours


I went back for about double that again, I’m fit to burst here,
Put a very spicy dry rub on the brisket and used the juices to make a gravy while the meat was resting, then I rolled the sliced meat in it, potatoes, cauliflower and carrots roasted in real butter, not for the faint hearted


Wasn’t in the humour of healthy veg tonight


I’d ate that


Had a bit of chilli crab there.


You’re ateing like a king out there


Cheers mate, there were prawns, mussels, calamari and snapper as well. Didn’t pay a penny. :clap:


You’re in no hurry back to Cork I’d say.


Where the fella who cooks for the Emperor of Japan works?