Ravenous part 3


Nice bit of a Sunday dinner there


I’d ate the table and all. We’ve decided to ate out today.

I’ll take a picture if I remember.


That much meat can’t be good for you, mate.


Fuck it Harry, I didn’t have so much as a sausage all week. One day won’t kill me


Get stuck into it Mike and enjoy it!


I went to Nandos with the kids earlier :confounded:


The culinary snobs won’t like that.


There are fellas that eat 2 ten ounce steaks a day and nothing more and have been doing this for over 2 years… Perfect bloods, cholesterol, no body fat.

Processed meat is an issue but natural stuff like beef and lamb. No issue.

The cheap food lobby can’t be trusted.


The processed shite in Deli’s across the country is horrifically bad for you. Fruit and Veg being tampered via the GM route is chronic as well particularly in the US.

Local butchers you can trust and the local farmer in the market on a Saturday morning is the way to go.


Most of them anyway mate. The 6 large chicken breasts for a fiver brigade though… :face_vomiting:


I’ll take my chances with road kill before I’ll feed my kids that rubbish


There are lads here who love telling yarns about the great packaged mate they are after buyng inside in Lidl and Aldi.
Its the equivalent of buying your diesel off of slab murphy above near the border .


We had a proper leg of lamb earlier with a few roast spuds, brocolli and carrots.

All locally sourced, you cant bate it.


It looks like something Lorena Bobbitt would serve up.


Think it’s more something like this


There’s these two nuns driving along behind lorena bobbitt when something hits their windscreen. One turns to the other and says, “Holy Fuck!! Did you see the size of the cock on that fly?”


Proper bit of grub here


A lovely looking club sandwich. And are they triple cooked fries?


Some of those chips look a bit raw, pal.


It was unreal