Ravenous part 3


Is it a full grilled breast? What else is in it? Looks savage mate



A bit of laksa steamboat here.


A nice bit of beef and roast potatoes at the weekend is s little winter tradition of mine




I’ve a cod risotto on the go and some garlic bread. I had a lovely steak and onion pie about an hour ago washed down with a drop of crested.


You’re cooking the cod seperately?


I know you’ve kids but did you need to Obliterate all of that Meat?


Pan fried


Sausage beans and chips there. Cooked an extra sausage for Bobby.





You’re a great Dad :+1:


You simply can’t beat a good griddle.


Did a lovely roast chicken, roast spuds with stuffing and carrots,parsnips,sweet potato last night. Lashed with gravy… you cant bate it this time of year


Cheese, bolognese and egg on chili paratha
This’d be savage stoner grub



Lovely bit of korma


No picture but three fried eggs, homemade chips and beans earlier. Probably haven’t eaten that in 20 years. Forgot how good it was. Sometimes it’s the simple stuff.


Cooking for myself only tonight so went for an adventurous option of burnt oven chips, two Donegal Catch cod fillets and half a tin of beans.

My life partner had visitors during the day so I’m going to tuck into these cakey treats they brought for dessert now. It’s a caramel square and not sure what the other yoke is.