Ravenous part 3


Those cakes look very rich, you’ll do well to eat both.


thats proper ateing


I like the ketchup and beans combination


I’d scoff the cod, chips and beans all right. Dunno about the sweet stuff though.


I have ketchup with most things. It’s very good with a curry.

That second dessert yoke was apple. I ate both of them but they were very heavy.


would that do yu for the night now? or would you have a sandwich and an aul cup of milk or tea before going to bed


I just had an Americano from the Tassimo but went without ating anything with it. I have some Maryland cookies and Tunnock’s tea cakes for tomorrow evening.


its 10.30 mate


Looks like you lashed into one or two others before you took the photo. Obesity is a savage trait in the Oirish.


That was the visitors this afternoon. Bringing treats so they could ate them themselves. Lucky I was left with anything.


You must have been really ravenous :clap:


That’s a proper Working man’s feed there


Two Cod Fillets imagine.


More of a non-working mans feed tbh honest.


2 chocolate croissants for breakfast today…wouldn’t usually do sweet but I fancied a bit of comfort with the bad weather outside.


Enjoy the frenzied insulin release mate. Don’t get into any Internet arguments until your liver has processed it.


I’m off my head here at the minute —


I’ll devour this lad at 10am and won’t ate again till 6pm.


Will you even bother cooking it?


Will you have it as part of a mixed grill?