Ravenous part 3


It will get a quick spin


No need if you’re on Dublin Bus


Takeaway for lunch…im actually not even sure what I’m atein here but this bread is stale for sure


That pic is gonna send a few lads over the edge.


Ever hear of a nail brush mate?


Would you not try using a shovel when you’re digging holes?


I cant wait until @the_mixer_walsh throws up a photo of his Christmas tree…


You’re the picture of health mate. All them natural microbes being indirectly ingested has done you the world of good.


You’ve the manicure brigade seething



Is that a naan bread, I suppose there’s no hope you are one of the pakis that shovelled shit with yerman @Massey digging out london tube stations ?


Good ateing. I got brought to the carvery in diceys today.


What’s the venue, pal?


Be the hokey.


The carvery in D2 is far superior if you’re in the area again, pal.


O’Neills Suffolk St. Solid 8/10.


I wouldn’t ever go for a carvery myself but I was brought for work and I enjoyed the turkey all the same.





I’d have given that waffle another 5 minutes, but all told, thats stunning. You’ll destroy everyone in your way today after that.