Ravenous part 3


I love a bit of crumpet mate


I’d ate that


Light bit of lunch here


I’m ravenous


I was fucking ravenous half an hour ago but I just had a cup of vegetable soup and a chicken salad sandwich and now I’m quite content.


I thought you were @The_Runt


Do you live over head the shop you work in?


That looks like an old man’s ear with rice and spuds.


Steak and chips and a glass of red. Missus is out. Snow Patrol on the late late show and the fire lit. What a time to be alive


Nice. Burnt the back axle off the steak but what harm


Those are peppercorns mate, he did a fine job.


flame grilled pink Himalayan rock salt and then ground black pepper after cooking it




You should throw in a few carbs for the marathon training.


Twas bread they were calling it alright, I never tasted plaster board before but I imagine it tastes like this


I’d ate and drink that


A bit of Bak Kut Teh here.


Will it take long to cook that?


Had a lovely ribeye steak there. Got it out of Higgins butchers. Pricey but unreal. Cooked in the manner authorized by @labane1917.

Can’t beat a bit of good meat.


I smashed a leg of lamb today lads. Prepped everything and threw the lamb in the oven in a cooking bag with wine, mint, garlic, rosemary and cumin. Then I went and tortured myself watching United. I texted instruc5ions for veg and spuds throughout the game and came home to dish out a superb lamb dinner to the in-laws. Felt like Christmas starting.