Ravenous part 3


I read this backwards just in case you were in danger and were sending coded messages.


Ah mate, a cooking bag :pleading_face:


Whats a cooking bag


A plastic bag for cooking meat mediocrely


Never heard of that. Whats the benefit? How come iy doesn’t melt?


Whats your problem with a cooking bag?


The benefit is that it keeps meat moist and maintains the temperature better. Not sure why tackie has a problem but I’m sure we’ll find out.


I’m sure your dinner was delicious,


Why was the lamb in the oven long enough for you to go watch a match?


Good question. It wasn’t. I texted Mrs j and she took it out at 5.45pm to let it stand. I had put it in about 3.45 but the oven is markedly slower than normal when you throw a load of potatoes and veg in. The two hours was just enough. If it was by itself I’d have it out some time between 90-105mins.


Well answered.


Did you let her open the bag?


No. It needed to stand Nd the bag keeps the heat and moisture in. They really are wonderful.


He fucked a leg of lamb into the hot press in a Tesco bag and fucked off to have a few pints


Don’t forget the mint and rosemary.


Sounds like a plan to be fair



Well deserved. Is that a placenta topping?