Ravenous part 3


Basic but by Jaysus I’d have murdered that back around 4 o’clock.
I’m giving that a like and fuck the naysayers.


Little Derbhila and I made these earlier for a family party we’re going to later.



Fair play kid
They’d never make it past my front door


It was a batch of 12, we both had a sample of one. Ben & Jerry ragin :joy::rofl::joy:





Will be having enough turkey in the next few days. This baby has been in the oven since 9.30


Best thing about being in town early


Where’s that??


Just shy of 3kgs of piggy goodness. Getting the nigella treatment now boiled in coke for a few hours and then oven


Mickey D’s brekkie on my lap, you couldn’t eat finer


I thought it was something nice from the market, I haven’t ate anything out of McDonald’s in 20+ years I’d say.


Pants on fire


Why people feel the need to lie about these things is beyond me. There’s nothing wrong with grabbing a McDonalds once or twice a year.


I had a McDonald’s after my run last night via Uber Eats. Gustavo came on the motorbike with it. Had a lovely Dairy Milk McFlurry too.


Does your diet consist solely of confectionary now, mate?


I had a great MCD feast in grafton street the night of the all Ireland .



A little Christmas treat for Mrs Walsh to reward her for all her hard work around the house


Looks top notch … what will you have it with?