Ravenous part 3


Have you a few eggs out in the garden?


I’ve done that a few times this year after a session. Is there anything more lazy than getting an uber delivery from the mcdonalds that’s a 5 minute walk away.


Please tell me that washing machine is not in use.


Unrale kid


Time for a bit of ham


That’ll do pig, that’ll do.


Sausage stuffing sampler 10/10 (ignore the kids plate)


The Stephens day dinner, sausage meat is unreal!




Well chaps any recommendations for today. I’ve my fill of Turkey. I’m in Waterford for zapping today and plan on treating the family. For some reason “empty your pockets on Eddie Rockets” seems to be spinning in my head


Go for it, tasty out


nandos is a cracking option if nearby - can tolerate riotous children also


edit - ive never been to waterford - just saw that there so dont know if there is a nandos
i have been to dunmore east allright and got the ferry to hook head but didnt see a nandos


Is there a rubys there?


In the town Burzza (burgers and pizza) and Momos would be grand options. If you’re out around Ardkeen Loko is good.


Is the Bodega still on the go? We’ve ate there are times over the years and it was always very good, not too expensive for lunch


Bodega would be an option and Geoffs does a good lunch


Will tipp across to Ardkeen when finished in Whitfield so. Thanks Fagans.


This thing is a godsend lads. A gift from my family who are likely fed up waiting 2 hours for a Demi glacé sauce to be just right. I just fucked a load of stuff into it, chicken, yogurt, curry powder, garam masala, a tin of tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, carrots, 10 min under pressure and voila. Add a bit of cream and it’s a tikki masala.


Is it some class of stereo?