Ravenous part 3


No, it’s the bomb.


Deep far fryer


pressure cooker, not for the faint of heart.


A deep fr friar? Like padre pio?

Don’t do it

Christmas is hard man.

They sound like a right bunch, no wonder you’re losing it.



A bit of supper.


A work of art. If you had an egg of some sort it would be hard to beat that.


I had two eggs this morning that’s why I had no egg there for the supper but I’d agree with you. A runny egg would have completed it.


Looks good mate but I’d usually associate you with more sausages than that


Few left over spuds, ham & eggs




So they’re sick of your cooking efforts too?




Thinking of Scotty’s for the dinner here lads. Omelette and fried spuds as per @Smark instructions.


If you tip well enough they’ll often give you a little bit of toast on the side.


Don’t go there for the dinner is my recommendation it’s a ghost town, they’re a pure breakfast/brunch spot. I made that mistake once and there was a wait or serving me who had all the appearances of an alco and he stunk of booze.


That’s a lovely bit of Teh


Proper advice as usual. I’ll wait until 6am


You could easily ate 2 or 3 of these. Mouthwatering