Ravenous part 3


You’re some man for the herb crusted salmon, kid. You have it down to a fine art.



its a superfood




Followed up this meal Sunday with a lot of beer and then this


You on your holliers bro?


No pal. Just a Sunday night out


I’d love a hop off that kebab now.


It was phenomenal after a feed of beer. The lebanese grub earlier got me thirsty

I think it was my first kebab of 2018.


It’s the prince of drunken cuisine. Nothing better.


You are a Sick Cunt :cry:


God bless your jacks.


Some young lass in the Insomnia in Killiney gave me the passcode to the jacks. I’d say she’s been fired since





christ - that’s unreal
the spuds look lovely




a proper agricultural breakfast, I’ll go out now and cut the lawn for the auld fella, with a push mower, its about 2 acres


Lads on here basically killing themselves ating poison for a few likes. You could not make it up.

Oireland obesity problem must be near epidemic levels now.