Ravenous part 3


You are ating serious grub out there .


I’m in a spot called “hooters” here in MSG. There’s women serving me half naked. I’ve never seen anything like it


An amazing country.


The greatest in the world


Hooters is an American institution kid


@labane1917 can you get me in here? I need to be here full time. I’m very educated and have serious management skills


Sure just stay, you’ll blend in the finest.


I like to do things by the book. I’m looking for proper employment


Civilisation! The dup wouldn’t stand for it here, but they’re up to all sorts over in London.


Whipped up a lovely bit of Caesar salad there for the tea. Homemade dressing croutons and anchovies for extra flavour



Looks good, anchovies and croutons are staples of the caeser salad



I take it those are rolled on the thighs of Cuban virgins?


These will sort me right out


I just had the same* in Nandos


Is nandos better in eire than UK. It’s utter Shiite over there


Nandos is grand
It’s more of a place you bring a family to tho.


McDonnells hot curry sauce :ok_hand:


I’d ate that