Ravenous part 3


Not with that ensemble


Is that curry and carrots ?


Is that fucking curry and stuffing?




Mashed carrots and prob turnip the animal



Is that a blaah?


That’s a panini from lidl and chips are from Beshoffs.


Sometimes only a chip butty will do


An ideal hangover meal


Post gym wrap there with scrambled egg, avocado, bacon, cheese and jalapeno. Washed down with vanilla whey protein shake.


Fuck it lads, I’ve an awful want in me for a whopper


Made a kind of pesto out of walnuts, 3 cloves of garlic, basil, lemon and an avocado. Mixed that with a packet of fresh pasta, half a head of broccoli a handful of olives and a darn of not burnt salmon.


Apart from the pasta that sounds ateable


Made a chicken katsu curry earlier. Very tasty.


Made a prawns curry with chickpeas spinach and roast butternut squash last night, and Bombay potatoes. Twas nicer again tonight.


You’re arse must be like an exhaust pipe


Did you put any prawns in it?


I’m certain i did.


Dammit glas, even your dinners are politically correct