Ravenous part 3


I can’t identify the most of that but it is a noble hape of food


A prawns curry?




I think that goes without saying Mike.


What’s all this talk about chlorinated chicken @labane1917
The tan remainers have themselves awful worked up about it


Great question.

The thicko Brits and some of their cousins in Ireland like @The_Selfish_Giant object to the washing of US slaughtered chickens with disinfectants to eliminate the risk of pathogens like e-coli and salmonella. Because you see, byproducts of the disinfectants could be harmful. Never mind there is no scientific or medical evidence from either side of the Atlantic to back up that claim. Tinfoil hat stuff basically.

Even if one were to eat a chlorinated chicken every day, the amount of disinfectants represents less than 0.5% of the total disinfectants ingested in an average day, drinking water makes up 99%.


That’s a much better answer than the question deserved. I’d almost instinctively avoid chicken anyway but I suppose a drop of water would sort any concerns.
Beef from norn iron is as close to organic as anyone could reasonably ask. Maybe even slightly better than organic.
Chicken seems to be getting worse, beef seems to be on the up and up. Lamb is probably better again.


P.s. @The_Selfish_Giant must be spared


I’m not a huge fan of chicken either, the odd free range bird for a Sunday roast. The whole factory process for chicken meat and eggs is revolting and unnatural. I have a few hens so haven’t bought an egg in years.

The quality of Irish meat is by and large outstanding, you have to pay dearly for the equivalent here.


When I was a kid we reared our own. Fed on scraps, corn, maize etc. Definitely different in taste and texture than what you buy now. Then you’ve the ‘pecking’ order- chicken, organic, free range, barn reared. Essentially they mean as little integrity as the industry can get away with.


Mick prattling on about chlorinated chicken whilst he refuses to pay for a proper water treatment system, he’d prefer to drink water out of a puddle and pump shite into the water system, you couldn’t make it up


I had an absolutely beautiful burger there. Proper butchers burger from Higgins’s. You can’t beat a bit of meat. Those cunts tellin me to eat laygooms can fuck right off


If you’re a hard worker and do a hard day’s work there’s nothing to bring you back and revive you again than a piece of good meat.


Fuck sake


Yes I had just put the shirts in the wash and emptied the dishwasher




Danny Healy Rae would be proud.


Crab cakes and a roast chilli chicken with adobo style recado (that was the name of the recipe anyway). Butterflied two chicken and the marinade involved plum tomatoes, garlic, dried chipotle chillies, dried guajillo chillies, dried ancho chillies, oregano and a rake of other stuff. it was unreal.


Ham and Egg pie


Incredible… Just incredible. :pint: