Ravenous part 3


You’ve that dog ruined


Where’s the pie bit?


Post up the recipe for the crab cakes there, bro.


Crab meat, grated courgette (squeeze all the liquid out), egg, mayonnaise, grated ginger, lime zest, chilli, garlic, some oats.



Jesus h


The egg is cooked to perfection :heart_eyes:


Oooooooh you bastard.


Five guys?




@glenshane this is why remainers talk about food imports. The quality of food in EU is much higher. NI farmers in particular will be fucked once all this cheap shit is thrown into the market.


Maybe the orange men will come to their sinensis


Jaysus this hit every spot.


Baked beans on jaffa cakes?


That’s a digestive, I’m not a fucking animal


Are the baked beans cold? Wouldn’t the chocolate melt? So much to take in.


Disgusting looking wtf is that?


You need to get up to speed quickly here bud.
The poster that you’re commenting on is an esteemed contributer to the relevant thread and is not to be taken lightly.
The fact he’s a KK man ought not be lost on you either.
The Mixer is somewhat of a culinary wizard in fact.


Hi boxter,kk guys wouldn’t know their arse from elbow,and honest to God that looks shite/ vile,ref him being an esteemed wanker,sorry contributor fuck probably won’t be able to sleep longer than 7/8 hours now with worry


The supper and the sweet in one go. This is a man who wastes no time