Ravenous part 3


God looking at it for the second time it looks even more revolting


Respectfully. Mixer’s status and constitution mean he may disregard and transcend the customary mores and concerns of lesser men. We can only look in in awe. You’ll understand in time.


The mixer is going to have to up his game after beans on chocolate biscuit. There’s a new sheriff in town


Era pardon me if I’ll pass on that advice ( well meant I’m sure)for now at least,I’ve every intention of staying here until Cork put Limerick to bed this summer


The mixer would have scooped the beans from the can


Fuck if that’s typical of the mixers culinary efforts I’d sooner rather eat me arse than chance his form of destroying good food, honestly wouldn’t give it to my westie


Im afraid to ask what the substance north of the beans is. Looks like the scalp of a victim


You still wouldn’t be fit to empty his slop bucket


A once off winner for @JonSnow, he’ll have to sustain it.
Form is temporary and all that.

The grub king won’t be dislodged too handy.


I wouldn’t be near it, judging by that shite he puts down his neck I’d hate to view what comes out his hole


I think it’s tinned pears and onions


This could bring this thread to new heights


That’s on a different thread


Take your word for it excuse me but I won’t be seeking it out


Kk should try and stick to the hurling, they’re f all good at anything else but certainly any sane man( he is sane?) That’s could come up with that monstrosity needs checking


Barred, don’t ever come back here.


I’d been thinking about rich tea and butter, but then I saw the digestives and beans
and it was like an explosion went off in my mind. I can’t explain it


There may have been an explosion all right. Further south possibly. Good work though.


Bravehearts attempting to wolf that down your bake!


Fucking a one boss