Ravenous part 3


A bit of Poutine is lovely.

Cc @backinatracksuit


There’s a lad does a fabulous poutine for a fiver at Limerick market on a Saturday, fairly substantial as well, if you want to do it quickly at home I recommend bisto chicken gravy and grated mozzarella/cheddar mix with a few thyme leaves.

Anyway, I just put together a lovely quick weekend supper


That inspired me a small bit


Nice bit of pie there, the auld fella put that together for me.


By the auld fella you mean dog and by put together you mean puked it onto your plate?


Mushy peas a must( soaked)


Are you smark’s auld wan?



Things are looking fairly grim on the mainland this morning…

65 days or thereabouts and you’ll be down to a single sausage.

Brexit my arse.


Not very ravenous then?


Looks like they re heated what was left over from yesterday. Dry as Gandhi’s sandals


That was lovely.


All finest quality stuff I’d say, you’d tell just by looking at it, hope you had a nice bit of bread and butter with it


An espresso, a croissant and an orange juice. You only get the best of gear in an Ibis.


What about the food though?


Thats Brexit on a plate.

I hope ta fuck you didnt pay for that


Have the chickens gone to.seek work elsewhere?


I love a good English sausage


That explains everything. I was about to guess upstairs in donaghmede shopping centre.


perfect portion size