Ravenous part 3


2 sausages, a rasher, and what’s that other thing?

Are you a leftie Fagan?


Dirty :smiling_imp:



That’s been aged a while, lovely looking piece of meat


Tinfoil at the ready :clap::clap:




Aluminium/Aluminum foil, my bad. All the tinfoil was hoarded in Tipperary after WWII, still in use.


I thought it was something to do with cooking/resting/aging the steak


It is. There was a lot of controversy on this subject a year or so back. It would be unfair to resurrect it until one of the main protagonists is unbanned.



Has the wife left you?


Is that scrambled egg between the hash brown and the sauasage


Just the frying pan type to soak up the pan scrapings from the rashers,


Under pressure here with my life partner out for the evening. Forgot about my lasagne and oven chips when doing chores so ate a nicely burnt dinner. Don’t have many treats in the house so having to make do with my milky bar yogurt and a couple of M&S biscuity yokes for dessert.


Those expensive trousers you purchased before Christmas must be seriously stretched at this stage


You must be gone up to a size 40 pants?


You will keel over one of the days pal. I’m worried for you


You’ll have to start stockpiling that m&s shite


One of each chocolate treat and the yoghurt is about 800 calories. On top of chips and lasagne another 800.

1600 calories ate after coming home from work :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::man_shrugging:


He’ll burn it off in intensity reached while watching the rugby this weekend.