Ravenous part 3


Whoever thought of fried tomatoes should be chemically castrated


I’d have gone for the beans myself


Yup and or mushrooms


Actually there’s a pot of beans there already so ya, mushrooms. Some places you could swap the tomatoes for an extra rasher


It’s unusual to see a fancy square plate paired with such an uncouth vinegar shaker. There’s something amiss here.


I love a fried tomato.




Where did you procure that?


Poutine van outside the market on saturdays, absolutely gorgeous and a sound man to boot


I haven’t been in there in ages. Is the dingle sushi fella still going there?


Haven’t seen the sushi man lately, there’s a new stall selling hot soup, it’s Anne Lloyd from the breakfast roll stall, she does 4 different soups each week, the three soups that I’ve had were all outrageously good,
And the poutine is really good, not fully authentic, he uses pizza mozzarella instead of curds but really nice nonetheless


Ref poutine had to Google it, french Canadian effort? Never heard of it here, thought twas some quaint Limerick dish( as we have bodice etc)


Bodice is everywhere, it’s just called that in Cork though, in Limerick Drisheen is called Packet


Packet? No bodice whatsoever across the border


Wellworths was the one and only shopping centre in Derry city centre in 80 ,Cork butcher there, asked him ref bodice and crubeens,and tripe ,informed me kid not a hope up here


Bodice is just bacon ribs,


Soul food after a hard day on the sauce


God almighty?


Brexit needs to be resolved satisfactorily or there could be catastrophic implications for Irish citizens.


Get help pal before it’s too late