Ravenous part 3


id a massive feed in 50fifty yesterday unreal so it was
i had

  • x2 (two glasses of club orange)
  • grilled halloumi and pepper skewers starter
    -sirloin with gratin and asparagus - for some ungodly reason they added chips on the side with the gratin but i devoured them

she had

  • some stupid combination of two starters , a chicken ceasar salad and whatever you call that toasted bread with chopped tomatoes on it with pesto and a margariata

child 1 - a huge bowl of pasta - child 2 - bits of whatever the rest of us were eating

we followed this with x4 single espressos for the adults

total 62 euro - unreal

this event took place around 3pm after i had attended a neighbourhood meeeting w.r.t the erection of a pedestrian xing in the area, trained an u-6 team soccer team and we made a family visit to the garda station ( to get a passport form signed)
post the meal - i took the bigger lad to smyths to purchase a box of lego before speeding to harvey norman where i had a row with a member of staff reagarding a rechargeable battery in a dyson v8 ( more on that later)
i then went home and put some stupid yoke in the shower for hanging bottles of shampoo and listened to the gah on the wireless

x4 cans of heineken for MOTD rounded off proceedings

what a day cc @Bandage


family life sounds horrendous, I don’t know how ye do it


Its a nightmare and an expensive one at that


Had 7 of the devil’s - steps of stairs,bar a surprise 15 plus years ago- doesent get easier :grinning: but it’s worth all the effort- couldn’t buy the memories- personally without kids I wouldn’t have bothered with any personal relationship


I’ve given you a like there @mickee321.
It was a load of scutter actually but it grabbed my imagination.

You have a talent for prosaic storytelling that’s approaching @Smark.
You do however need a firmer punchline. I’m giving you 8/10 on this one but I know you’ll come good.

Hint…A bit of a sidebar re: some lurid observations always wins…


I really enjoyed reading that myself. Where is fifty50 @mickee321?


You can’t bate a steak and a few spuds.


The cost of keeping 4 dependents is astonishing.


just outside Navan- if you are ever up for the Lismullen Hurdle its worth a drop in on the way back- you’d have to book mind as its always packed
i forgot to add detail that i also placed a 10 (ten) euro football accumulator in between the neighbourhood meeting and taking the 6 year olds soccer training,
it was an absolutely wonderful action packed day and as a parent id say it as good as you will get,
I try to relentlessly keep going throughout the day, pausing will only allow me to consider how turgid my existence is albeit when i look back on the weekend sometime i do with a degree of satisfaction and Saturday was an excellent day.
it was a bit cold for gallavanting on Sunday so we just went for a walk in Trim

this is a good refelction on relationships from Richard III

Plots have I laid, inductions dangerous,
By drunken prophecies, libels, and dreams,
To set my brother Clarence and the king
In deadly hate the one against the other;
And if King Edward be as true and just
As I am subtle, false, and treacherous,
This day should Clarence closely be mew’d up


Just like your missus told me, goes down easy.


As I haven’t got one that’d be kinda hard😎


Having a bite to eat here for CNY.




I wont aak what that lassie is doing under your coffee table.


This one’s for the environment



Looks like a map of Ireland, the best part is Cork, Kerry and Limerick, the west coast is beautiful, I have a particular fondness for Donegal and Derry, everything from Waterford to Louth is for the dog.


Ever give Dino’s a lash? Fiver Friday is great value


I’ve stopped in Blackpool a few times on my way home from the mothers, chips and peas and a couple of cheese and onion pies. It’s grand