Ravenous part 3


in general,from what I have seen over the last few days, Ireland has a savage problem with obesity and alcoholism


Lads eating and drinking to fill a spiritual hole of self loathing narcissism.


Doing the dog on it this week @iron_mike

Curry sauce was below average


Get up the yard, ya boy ya.


That looks dacent. Is that from Zaytoon?


You know it!


Lovely bit of hake.
Cork food :clap::clap:


The fuck is going on with the veg? One thing of broccoli?

Too much empty plate there


Lovely bit of grub. Well managed portion size too. No need for spuds and veg pilled up like an obese oirish roaster would demand


It’s just for decoration, a bit of color. No need for hapes of spuds at this hour of night. Having said that, you could have had this instead.


Ya. That’s more like it


I ate half of that as well.


Market lane?


Says your man that put up a heart attack on a plate for breakfast


You’d have to with the scrap you got.


“Hang on, don’t start eating that yet. I want to take a picture of it first.”


“I want to put a photo of it up on an internet message board I frequent.”

“Fuck sake, honey.”


Strasbourg Goose. Recommended to me by a senior member of the Nogra. Tremendous value for money.


is that place still going? jesus its as auld as myself


Was the food good there? Would have considered it a cheap and cheerful popular with hens type location but its been a while. Its on the go there for 25 years id say


A golden oldie.