Ravenous part 3


Fish is good in bishoptown,ok in turner’s X,dire in kinssle,and so so in ballincollig



Nice bit of mate on those wings.




Black sole?


Dover sole


Same thing, a beautiful bit of fish,




English market for the best sole and reasonably priced in Ireland


How twee


Cork. The best place in Ireland for people continuously claiming it’s the best place in Ireland.


Well it is for lots and not for lots,but for fresh fish the English market has no equal in Ireland,now if you want to bring up our hurlers/ footballers ( minus the ladies) that’s a whole different thing


Why has it better fish than other counties?


Fresher ,more choice obviously,God you are a bit slow this morning


So the fish brought to harbour is fresher than fish brought to harbour in donegal or howth?


Who has more choice? A designated market obviously,which is fresher- same, where are the best prices? Market again,and which is the most popular for buyers of restaurants in Munster? , English market hands down-like lads I know yere insecure ref Cork but be sensible about it FFS,making a holy show if this constant denial- Cork has the finest food market in Ireland- no contest, unless if course yere hiding one in chav city- sorry Limerick


How far from the English Market is the nearest fishing port?


20 m kinsale


Believe it or not Howth is 0m from Howth.