Ravenous part 3


Never heard of it, but as the English market sells everything I need why would I,( oh and the 200 k plus ppl who visit agree with me)


This debate might be the one that saves tfk


Pissing competition suspended :grinning:Must get out this tfk is a bloody magnet, we’ve a great cliff walk in an hour ( Roberts cove) clear the cobwebs


Best cliff walk in Ireland.


Yer hole it is




No but the best one is



Ballycotton,pity those in Limerick haven’t a coastline :grinning:


The majority of those are tourists and buy fuck all. Most of the stalls are losing money. So i was told from someone who used to trade there up to last year.


Sellafield sole


Is that your Sunday dinner?


It’s rocking


Ate Donkey/ horse/ snake/but I’d draw the line at doggies


The Howth speciality


Cutting down on my evening treats but it’s still nice to have a reward cake or donut or eclair when you finally finish the chores.


Id say you ate the other halves off those as soon as youd the snap taken.


Put away the shovel.


The blood splatter experts will have a field day with that.


Can’t believe you shared that.