Ravenous part 3






Bread and butter pudding with tea and red wine.


I made French onion soup from scratch today.
Crying like a fucking baby, chopping onions watching day time tv. Christ if anyone had called.
Jesus wept


Used get that in white city,yum


Easy to do?


Easy enough. About an hours cooking in it.
Chopping the onions is a pain in the hole


Tasted it abroad eon’s ago nice,stink the house out though?




No. A lovely aroma. Particularly when I added the white wine.


You’ve it worked out kid😀


Freeze the onions for a while before chopping them.


Ah yeah it has its perks. Only needed a glass for the soup. Skulling the rest of the bottle now watching wheeler dealers


Why didn’t you tell me that at 3 o’clock you bollox?


Send me your weekly onion chopping schedule and I’ll set up a reminder.

Incidentally. Had a lovely pint yesterday and wanted to tag you, you cunt. Between the jigs and reels i forgot


I had plenty of them myself yesterday.





Oldest fella dosent want to go to bed which is fair enough , he’s playing away with soldiers so why bother him we thought

In a bizarre twist I was summoned to the kitchen to help prepare tomight’s dinner which should be ready after the game- one of the perks of this marriage is that basic rules of chivilary are respected as in I wire the plugs and she looks after the kitchen – as to what prompted this sudden shift I do not know but as regards asking I have no interest

Anyway – its going like this

In one baking tray sliced chicken fillets rubbed with olive oil, soya and flavoured with Ras al – haout (more on that later) , cumin , coriander, thyme , rosemary and this form of spice that her mother sent her in a box one day, chopped onion and garlic in there also

In the other chopped potatoes, carrots and the same seasonings minus the soya

A pot of wild rice is also boiling

I was ordered to preheat the oven and insert the contents inside, I kept a watching brief of the preprations, when in Rome, etc

Apparently itll be ready by 10

She’s outside on the balconey smoking and on the phone thank god whilst we’re getting on with the second half

Oh yeah Ras al hanout – arab for “head of the shop” – the Rosh or Ras is Hebrew/ Arabic for Head – ie Rosh Hashanah – Head of the year – new years day – I may have posted that before

Its basically – some mix of north African chemicals


ras el hanout