Ray 'If He'd Just Got His Head Up There' Houghton

Surely the worst commentator doing the rounds at the moment and possibly one of the worst of all-time. A complete and utter ballbag.

He started using the usual tired old line about how despicable it was for players or managers looking for players to be booked - I screamed for a guy to be booked in our last asto game with a minute to go. It’s the heat of battle and players will say things like that.

Every time someone shoots and doesn’t score it’s a case of ‘if he’d just got his head up there then he would have seen two unmarked players who were free right in the centre of the goal and it would have been an easy tap in.’ He says this at least 25 times in every game he commentates on and I genuinely think he expects the score to be something like 17-12 in each match.