Re: drogheda scum

Dunno dancingbaby, I read it on one of the online papers yesterday. I’ll dig up the article.

Here’s the extract from yesterday’s ‘Digger’ column in the Guardian:

Racing awaits cheat rule

Trainer Jim Bolger’s apparent admission on Sunday that some of his staff profited from laying 2,000 Guineas ante-post favourite Teofilo to lose after it was injured at home comes as the British Horseracing Authority prepares to issue its definition of inside information.

From September, cheating by profiting from inside information will be an offence punishable by two years’ imprisonment, and the definition being thrashed out is eagerly awaited amid fears that it could effectively criminalise jockeys and connections for passing on information. Insiders expect the definition to be published within 10 days.

Suspicions about Teofilo’s fitness began on April 16 when its price lengthened on exchanges, sparking rumours of an injury that were confirmed by Bolger. On April 29 the colt appeared among the final declarations for the 2,000 Guineas only to be withdrawn four days later.

I don’t think there was any offence from a gambling point of view. It’s more likely to be in contravention of the sport itself’s rules on betting. Of course that assumes the FAI have rules.

When I was playing rugby it was possible to bet on the outcome of matches and the division and my mates bet on matches on the basis of advice. That’s just the bookies offering odds on matches they don’t realistically know enough about.

Drogheda had no intention of fielding a strong side in the league cup (with league and Setanta Cup commitments). If people figured that out or heard about it ahead of the bookies then it’s a lesson for the bookies.

Baby made a good point on it being an under 17 player though.