Re: Massive win for the onliners

No report and it’s coming up to 2100 (central european time). This really is disappointing from the forum administrator and astro team skipper. Probably off playing with some other lesser team.

Match report will be tomorrow - lunchtime probably. Played astro and intended finishing it then but I watched Home and Away, the Sopranos and Soupy Norman in succession which I’d recorded and that was a cracking 100 minutes of television. Except for Home and Away which was relatively weak.


Yeah. Not the best episode of all time admittedly but there were promising moments. I like seeing Sally in the Pippa role, wondering how to get through to a troubled kid. I couldn’t care less about Martha really, she’s burned all her bridges as far as I’m concerned. It was the same situation with Ash so she should really have learned her lesson.

That said I’m intrigued as to where that storyline will end up. So while it wasn’t a corker of an episode it was a hell of a lot better than some godawful episode featuring Lucas’ creative writing class.

I’ve always been a Neighbours man.

Though truth be told, I’ve fallen off in recent years due to work.

Does anyone know are Carl and Susan back together?

They certainly were back together - whether that’s still the case or not I don’t know.

There’s a thread for this type of banter. “You know we belong together” ;D

Match report is finally up on the front page of the site: