Re: Most expensive starting XI

Good old Gerard Houllier - I have never hated a person as much in football. And he’s not even Norweigan…

Collymore was sold for 7m which wasnt a bad bit of business. He clearly had ability and scored a lot of goals for us but he’s definitely too much of an enigma

I actually made a mistake there - Henchoz cost 3.5, Hyypia only cost 2.6

I would love for someone to do it for Leeds - the sight of Seth Johnson and 9m beside it would brighten up this otherwise nerve-wracking day…

Quick effort - Leeds transfers have plenty of figures floating about so for this all transfer figures are from the Observer or BBC except Nigel Martyn which is from wikipedia but looks right.

Martyn - 2.25m

Mills - 4m
Ferdinand - 18m
Duberry - 4m
Matteo - 4.25m

Dacourt - 7.2m
Johnson - 7.2m
Bowyer - 2.5m

Fowler - 11m
Viduka - 6m
Keane- 12m


Bridges - 5m
Can’t really think of other midfielders but probably missing someone obvious.