Re: Scottish Cup and other Celtic stuff

Just found this on YouTube. It’s the celebrations back at Celtic Park from Saturday where dancingbaby let himself and his family down by being dishonest to Paul Hartley. Boruc, yet again, is completely mental and Lennon gets a nice dig against Rangers in too:

i made one negative comment about Hartley early doors and FoR never let me forget it for the rest of the game. i still say he was poor on the day but did not make any comment to him about it after.

I notice FoR did not mention the wicked look Aiden’s mother gave him prior to kick off. The teams were coming out and Kenny applauded the Pars support. FoR stood up and gave a one fingered salute to Kenny and shouted at the top of his voice “Fuck off Kenny ya Boez prick”. Mrs McGeady was not impressed.

Concur 100% that the Beat has the best looking WAG. Pressley was a close 2nd.

So what you’re saying dancingbaby is that Beattie’s girlfriend is the best looking and slightly hotter than Steven Pressley. :slight_smile:

i think you know what i meant FoR !!!

Decent article. Don’t really agree about signing someone like Gary O’Connor. There’s no point in selling Beattie and buying O’Connor for example. If we need backup we’re better off holding onto players than buying and selling with all the signing on fees and everything that goes with that.

The one important point made a couple of times in the article is the need to add pace. When Miller isn’t playing we’re dreadfully slow. Brown, like Petrov before, will bring pace to the middle of the park but out wide and up front we definitely need speed.

Agree with the majority of the article and then rock’s subsequent post too.

Would happily see the back of the following for definite:
Pressley (sorry dancingbaby), Gravesen, Miller, Jarosik.

Then I think my next bunch might have something still to offer but wouldn’t mind getting fees in for them so we can freshen things up:
Balde, Hartley, Caldwell, Zurawski, Beattie.

Totally agree on the pace point. We keep the ball but we generally play in front of teams as we don’t possess the threat of pace in behind or on the wing. Even if we had pacy wingers Strachan likes to play them on opposite sides anyway.

Agree there’s no point in selling Beattie to replace him with O’Connor. May as well keep one of Beattie, Miller or Magic for cover.

I don’t mind the fact that our wingers play on opposite sides. It didn’t harm Maloney at all last season and he’s not ultra quick but he had sufficient pace to get in behind the full backs and cause problems.

Both Naka and Aiden like the ball to feet and to take on the full back themselves rather than being played in behind. Never going to change that with Naka and it suits the way he plays. With Aiden I’d like to see him develop his running off the ball.