Re: Six Nations

I think on the second rows the fact that O’Kelly missed the first couple of weeks training means he is considered out of the loop as regards lineout calls etc. and so his lack of familiarity gave the nod to O’Driscoll. That said if O’Connell or O’Callaghan was injured I wouln’t be surprised to see O’Kelly jump the queue and get a start ahead of O’Driscoll. A bit counter-intuitive but that’s how I reckon Eddie sees it at the moment.

I would have made the change you’re talking about against France. I think it’s more logical than the one actually made on the day.

Agreed on the Wallace point.

Just read there that Strings has been passed fit and starts against England. Good news. And the news could be getting better. Jonny Wilkinson is an injury doubt for England, missed training with a tight Hamstring. Mike Catt called up as precaution

what the fook are you talking about you clown

Wasn’t having a go at Rovers in particular - just pointing out that the GAA are by no means unique in not sharing their stadium.

Apologies Raven, didnt see where your point was coming from

I just see down the side there that D’Arcy has extended his Leinster and Ireland contract by 3 years.

Can anyone explain how the provinces link to the IRFU to me please?

Say for example Hogan and Keogh coming up to Leinster from Munster last season or Cullen and Jennings rejoining Leinster from Leicester next season; is this the IRFU signing these guys and assigning them to clubs or is it Leinster themselves or is there a consensus reached between both parties as to what signings would be suitable?

I find it quite confusing. But I am a fool.

It’s more of a consensus thing. The individual provinces sign the players but they are contracted centrally to the IRFU - which means the IRFU retain the rights over callups for players and there are no club v country disputes.

The central contracts committee or whatever they’re called can overrule the provinces in the recruitment of players - they can decide not to award a contract to a player, but it would be unusual if the province were very keen on signing someone that they were over-ruled. The provinces then assign the players to clubs.

Jason Robinson has been ruled out for England, thats a big loss for them.

Also read this morning that Republican Sinn Fein have organised a protest at the match tomorrow, what a bunch of cocks.

Bit late catching up with the news of the protest Cully Eile. Why are they a bunch of cocks for organising a protest? Would you rather they did nothing about something they disagreed with like most other people in this country who elect the same corrupt pricks time after time. Even if you don’t agree with their stance, why would you argue with the fact that they’re organising a protest to vocalise their opinions.

Rock we are never going to agree on this so there is no point going round in circles arguing. Obviously if people keep re-electing a government they agree with their policies and are happy with the way things are being run in the country. It is after all their own vote, nobody is holding a gun to their head when they vote.

The reason they are a bunch of cocks is its a bloody game of rugby, why are they politicising that.

I wonder if there’ll be some violence tomorrow. That Love Ulster crap last year really caught the Gardai by surprise so it wouldn’t shock me if there was a bit of a riot.

Could be the perfect storm. Shell to Sea demonstration tomorrow afternoon, then the anthem protest, and it’s almost the anniversary of last year’s riots (which were on 25 February). Still that does mean the Gardai have no excuse to be caught by surprise this year.

I take it you won’t be voicing any opinions on political and social issues going forward so? Why is it wrong to organise a protest in your view of society?

They’re not politicising a game of rugby - can you not see that Croke Park has a fairly unique political history?

Apparently there was a ‘graffiti attack’ at Croker last night on the wall beside the main entance saying:

‘Don’t say sorry, say goodbye - Brits out’

I only heard about the Love Ulster riots at about 4pm on the Satuday last year when my Dad rang me up to see if I was involved.

It could be worth taking a stroll up around that area around 3.30pm tomorrow to take in the build up. **

** does not, in any circumstances, condone violence in society.

** is an equal opportunities employer.

well said raven. well said indeed.
On the topic of this thread - it is titled by ‘therdock67’ as 6 nations. could whoever this dimwit is please name the 6 nations invlolved? it is sickening the way anglophiles such as this character adopt the phrases of their saxon brethern. note how when referingto the english premiership the same west brite will speak of soccer ‘cross-channel’. Across what channel rock? this is my first post on this site that i stumbled upon and i find it a decrepid den of english sympathisers, west brit lovers and sky sports addicts. munster fans = man utd fans = celtic fans = british lions and so on. switch man utd for liverpool and leinster for munster and so on and its all the same. some chancers even waffling on about the gaa and in the same sense boasting about twickers and munster. smell the coffee lads you are all in the pocket of the english. enjoy your ‘big game’ tomorrow and remember to give respect to their anthem cos after all it is your own

Cheers for that Croppy.

Do you eat Irish only produce?
Do you wear exclusively Irish made clothes?
Do you listen to Irish music only?
Do you only watch TV programmes made by Irish production companies?
Do you only holiday in Ireland?
Have you ever been abroad or should we not go anywhere that isn’t Ireland?
Do you only watch and play Irish sports like hurling and gaelic football or is it alright to play and support foreign sports like association football?

Is it fair to say if an Irish man has ever eaten pasta or pizza then he is a disgrace?

You might let me know where I can buy a copy of the ‘How To Be A Better Irish Person Than Everyone Else’ book.

In the words of the long since departed Ball Ox - Fook Off.
Thats pure c0ckpiss. I suppose you’ll be out bating the heads of the English folk tomorrow. Jaysus I dont know whats goin on here anymore

You probably shouldnt get involved in a thread about the six nations if you dont actually know what six nations are involved. A bit of common sense must prevail.

As for whoreing ourselves to Murdoch??? Sky television does quality television, whats the problem with having it?

Hiya fingal

I want to say that i seen the game on sunday against france and i have to say that Croke park is a pile of shite. Its the typical GAA/bogger mentallity of lets call it the greatest stadium in the world - its not, its a pile of piss. The following stadiums are better: Old Trafford, New Camp, Rose Bowl, Millenium, Twickenham, Landsdowne and Stad se France.

Croke park looks ugly. You have really nice stadium for 3 quarters of the ground then you have the dirty hill, fook sake. Its a kip, the GAA are backward bastards, the rugby was the only bit of class that shitehole is ever likely to see. The place is distinctly average and it was paid for with my and bono’s money.

I dont see what the big deal about signing “God save the Queen” is. England is a better country than Ireland, i would rather live in Manchester or London than Dublin.

I think Sky’s coverage is awful. They hype even the most meaningless epl games up and constantly refer to it as the best league in the world when most intelligent football fans no this is not the case. They also do their upmost to downgrade anything that they do not have the rights for. Was qute interesting how their panelists changed their views about Celtic when they lost the rights to the Spl. They went from a classy European side to a side full of passion but who have little or no skill.