Wexford getting thumped by Kilkenny has taken way a difficult choice what with the hurling final on next Sunday too. I’m absolutely broke but if the whole thing costs less than 100 Euro then I’ll be there for the title party.

ill take them flights!

Right Bandage flights are booked. I recall discussing last night whether we’d go from Thursday to Sunday to take in the Scottish Youth Cup Final but to be honest not sure I can take those days off so I just booked Sunday morning out and Monday morning back.

There’s a ticket going if any other freekick member wants it.

Yeah, had a flashback this morning of us vowing to head over on Thursday. Truth is I barely have enough cash for a one day trip never mind four days. Looking forward to it though.

Is the spare ticket still available, rocko?

Do any of you lads wanna come for the title party?

I don’t want to have to put with 2 days of rocko on my own.

Spare ticket is still available for anyone who wants it.

Yeah right - I saw your copybook thing after the match on Wednesday and its littered with ‘I luv Rocko’ everywhere

Can I ask - how are you affording this? In fact how are you affording anything?

That copybook is private.

I spend Tuesday and Thursday nights on Love Lane off Baggot Street giving a few hand jobs and the odd blow job.

Pays the bills.

Re: Digi-beat-them

Quiet enough first half. Doumbe is having a decent debut and Lennon has been excellent. Aiden looks dangerous too. 4 5 1 restricts our chances but not many striking options at the moment.

Re: Digi-beat-them

Bad result but we played alright and learned a couple of things. Drinking in hoops bar now. Fair to say i’m locked but bandage is off his head drunk. Shame on him.

Re: Digi-beat-them

[quote=therock67 ]
Bad result but we played alright and learned a couple of things.[/quote]

I thought we were poor today. The tempo of the game was very slow in the first half and both sides struggled to create any chances. Doumbe was mixed. He put in some crunching tackles but was also caught out out position a few times. Glad to see Lennon getting a terriffic reception. He broke up their play well and was our best player. I think he would have been more vocal had it been other circumstances and I think this one of the reasons we were so flat. We were waiting for McGeady or Naka to lift it rather than trying our upmost to make it difficult for them and win back possession. I would have liked to see Gravesen getting on earlier and think he will be off this summer. A bad day but a good season.

I thought Doumbe dived in once or twice alright but in general he covered well, tackled well and used the ball well. I’d have said he was our second best player on the day after Lennon who was excellent.

The atmosphere was odd in the first half. Hearts brought feck all fans and they didn’t make any noise at all. Once they went ahead there was some singing from them and the pace of the game and noise from all around the stadium increased. While the goals were very sloppy I thought we outplayed them overall. We missed some cracking chances and on another day the scoreline could have been reversed.

Most disappointing part of the trip for me has been Bandage. Late for his flight yesterday, got lost in a department store in Glasgow, then got lost outside the ground and faded ridiculously early just as the night was kicking off.

I disagree piper. I thought Doumbe was our best player, closely followed by Lennon. Doumbe’s performance bodes ell for the future. Hartley and Pressley just don’t do it for me. I won’t be happy if the central defensive partnership next season is Pressley and McManus. We also need another striker as we had several chances yesterday. Quality scenes after the game with Lennon’s reception and the trophy. The most disappointing part of the trip for me was rocko. Constantly panicking all the time. Standing at the check in desk in an almighty panic yesterday when I’d timed my arrival to a tee. Then panicking because he was hungry and getting lost in a shopping centre when he went looking for food. Then panicking after the game and running off to the pub ahead of me but getting ridiculously drunk too early and having to be carried out of the pub.

Pictures from yesterday:

[img width=500 height=375]

Players lining up to get their medals from Lubo:
[img width=500 height=375]

Fireworks as Lenny lifts the trophy:
[img width=500 height=375]

Lap of honour:
[img width=500 height=375]

Same as above (Tommy Burns was in fine form):
[img width=500 height=375]

Big Jan and son:
[img width=500 height=375]

The Beat and Nails with their kids:

Neil and Gallagher Lennon:

Neil and Gallagher Lennon:
[img width=500 height=375]

Smashing statement from the official website.

celtic statement on manager’s ‘appeal’
Newsroom Staff
FOLLOWING yesterdays match against Hearts, when Gordon Strachan was sent to the stand by referee Stuart Dougal, media reports have suggested that the Celtic manager could be facing a four-game touchline ban, which would include the forthcoming Tennent’s Scottish Cup final.

In response to enquiries regarding the possibility of an appeal by Celtic, a spokesperson said: The Club has received calls all day asking if we would be making an appeal. It is important to say that at this stage we have no idea what it is we would be appealing against.

Neither Gordon, or anyone else at the Club has any idea why he was sent to the stand.

Superb statement.

I hate that Stuart Dougal. That prick used to work in the Glasgow office of one of my previous employers and I was tempted to email him in 2005 when he sent Lennon off after the final whistle at the huns dump. That’s the second time he’s sent Strachan to the stand this season and he was proven to be lying the first time so I assume he’ll lie again this time too.

There’s been a litany of biased decisions made by this smug cheat against Celtic and he should never referee any more games involving the team.

And you once got on my case for using a derrogatory term towards homosexuals?

Can you ever stop contradicting yourself? (see also General Election Thread)