Re: Weekend Flutter

For those of us who have restricted access in work will ya post up the fixtures and the odds if you have them? (I think Ulster will win btw but like you I wouldn’t be too sure about backing them).

Oh and 12 games looks a bit greedy. 4 or 5 results is usually healthy.

can’t get odds, paddy power only does outright winners, not for each game.

That’s gash. I’ve heard of people emailing them or ringing them to ask for odds and they’ll usually come back to you on it.

Just saw the Rangers starting XI tonight so put 100 bob on Livorno at 7/10. That guy Svensson is playing at the back and Nacho No Goals is up front. Appalling Guen left the ManU loanee Phil Bardsley behind in Glasgow as punishment for tackling in training! Seriously, he brought in a ‘no contact in training’ rule and Bardsley clattered someone and now the Stan Staunton of the SPL is considering terminating the loan and sending him back to Manchester. This guy is seriously losing it. I’m beginning to seriously wonder if he’s hundercover at Ibrox.

Anyway, those huns better help me win some more money.

Balls! The Blue Revolution is back on track.

Unlucky Bandage, should never bet with the heart though.

Lesson learned. Again. Until the next time when I do exactly the same.

100?? Fook that’s a hell of a lot of money to be putting down on one match.

Saw in the bookies at lunch that Liverpool are 3/1 to win at Old Trafford on Sunday, has to be a good bet?

Liverpool are poor side. Don’t waste your money Tommy. Save it for a horse and cart trip!!

With the draw at 11/5 as well I think it’s generous enough to back against (or lay) United.

United are no better. They’ve played one ‘real’ team this season and lost 1-0 and that was at home as well. Have my doubts as to whether Liverpool will win (put it down as a draw on a prediction thing we have at work) but I think 3/1 is too generous to turn down.

That horse and cart trip was the best 10 I’ve ever spent!!

Right I’m off home. Will be back on Tuesday with my thoughts on the Galway County Final.

That’s not true tommy it wasn’t 1-0: they beat us 3-2 (admittedly helped by a dodgy penalty).

Did you lose any money on this or did the difficulty in finding individual match odds save you?
I seem to recall you were to leave out the Munster game anyway, but Llanelli were a surprise, the Ospreys an even bigger one, and Bourgoin look to be even less interested this year than previously.

Did a 4/1 double on Hibs and Liverpool tonight. Think Pool will be up for the game in Birmingham as it represents their best trophy chance this season! Hearts could be demoralised after Saturday and Hibs outplayed them in the league recently and will want to impress John Collins.

Had a big offline win at the weekend. 50 euro on a Watford and Falkirk double that returned 350 quid. Had seen enough of Falkirk and indeed Stokes to see the value with them and had watched Middlesboro perform ineptly at Manchester City a few days earlier so thought if Watford are going to win any game in the league then that was their chance.

I think I’m now going to stop doing stupid 5, 6, 7 team accumulators now and delve deeper to find value on doubles and trebles.

Another 100 quid into the kitty.

Excellent to see Rangers lose at home to St Johnstone tonight too. Now I don’t care whether Hibs or Falkirk win it.

Paul Le Guen’s Blue Revolution - what a laugh. St Johnstone are in the 1st division and go and beat them convincingly at Ibrox. Ha ha ha.

Good call Bandage - on a bit of a roll.

Used to do that a bit a few seasons ago, get even money odds on 2 or 3 times. Often pulled 400 or so squids in after a 50 europes bet. Lost a few in a row and lost interest.

Thinking of putting a score on Argentina to beat England at 7/2 and NZ-6 to beat France at 10/11. A score returns 172 I think.

France against NZ are always great games - especially in France - but I think NZ should beat them. The 6 point margin is also quite low because it looks like it should be a high scoring game - both sides are awesome in attack, while relatively brittle in defence, so while I think the game could be fairly even I don’t think the margin will be less than 6 either way.

Fook me, I’m working today and put 30 on that double. Actually I may as well be at home because I’m just transfixed watching the rugby page on the BBC site. I let out a big scream of anguish there when I saw Balshaw scored. 22-18 to the Pumas still though.

As an aside I think the weeks of no sleep caught up with me last night. I was hammered on my 3rd pint but what a rollicking good row we had in Kehoe’s. It’s a right little debating club we have now it would seem. Not the typical Friday night talk of birds and what have you but a heated debate about Sinn Fein, Iraq, Al Quaeda, Blair, Bush, Celtic, socialism and the likes. I think the people around us were slightly bemused.