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thats just untrue.

Regarding turnover, i was just throwing out various different criteria that might be taken into account when considering whether a club is big or not. Yes i agree that it shouldnt be one of the main criteria that defines a big club but it is certainly an indication of a big club.

My main point (which you chose to ignore) is that you consider chelsea a big club and not liverpool, and thats just absurd

Well at a glance here are four Champions League games they didn’t sell out gerrardo. They are all taken from These are group stage games and not qualifying grounds. The last match took place on 9/11 so this could have impacted on the attendance figure for that particular night. These matches took place in the 2001/2002 and 2002/2003 seasons. Attendance figures aren’t given for later seasons.

UEFA Champions League: First Phase Group B
Final - Anfield Attendance: 37,634

Liverpool 1 - 1 Basle

Milan Baros (34)
Juilio Rossi (43)

UEFA Champions League: First Phase Group B
Final - Anfield Attendance: 40,812

Liverpool 5 - 0 Spartak Moscow

Emile Heskey (7)
Bruno Cheyrou (14)
Sami Hyypia (28)
Salif Alassane Diao (81)
Emile Heskey (89)

Group B Full-time Anfield Attendance: 33,513

Liverpool 1 - 0 Dynamo Kiev

Litmanen (24)

Tuesday September 11, 2001
Full-time Anfield Attendance: 30,015

Liverpool 1 - 1 Boavista

Owen (29)

The Larsson point has thrown your argument completely out the door so give it up

Do you really believe Celtic are as big as Liverpool?

I do. So did Shankly.

What a ridiculous argument. Liverpool are bigger than Celtic, nooooo Celtic are bigger! Crazy stuff, school boy argument! Get back to the issues of the day!

So you’ve managed to find 3 champions league games in six years. They must be struggling!

Liverpool newcastle and man u are the only teams in the premiership to sell out every single home premiership game this season.

Finally, i really do not understand what you have against gerrard. What did he ever do to you? Your points above about why he decided to stay are complete speculation. You speculate one way for larsson and the complete opposite for gerrard to suit your argument. Its a clearly flawed argument.

It is farcical alright. Still I was agreeing with Farmer for the most part on this thread until he throws in the little Celtic comment. I’ve never claimed one is bigger than the other - and won’t.

neither would I.

Did you not say whn I asked if you believe Celtic were a bigger club - I do. So did Shankly.
So don’t be coming across all holier than thou

Anyway I was only responding to piedpiper’s onslaught against Gerrard and Liverpool. I have a lot of time for Celtic and recognise them as a big club

To end on a mature line - Piper started it

Mature as ever Farmer. :slight_smile:

If you find the time you might navigate back to the post above the one you’ve just quoted where your comment was “Do you really believe Celtic are as big as Liverpool?” I politely replied in the affirmative. I made no mention of bigger clubs.

farmer, I miss you during the day on here but I think coming on at night works well too cos you’re guaranteed to be pi$$ed off after a long day in work.

I think Liverpool are a big club myself.

Fred Flintstone had a big club.

I only looked at a few games and out of those four failed to reach capacity. You said my point that Liverpool had difficulty selling out Anfield for Champions League was untrue. I simply proved it was true.

No I think Celtic are a bigger club.

your quote was that Liverpool struggle to sell out champions league games. The word ‘struggle’ in the present tense implies that liv have difficulty selling out there champions league games to the present day. You found three games, (not sure of the dates but the fact that heskey owen litmanen and baros were among the scorers) from years ago. How does that prove that they struggle to sell out cl games?

Bohemians are the big club ;D

i did a brief search for their recent champions league history. i looked for attendance figures for about ten games. i could only find five. out of these five, four failed to sell out. three of these four were less than 40,000. attendance figures for last coupls of seasons i couldn’t get but even if they did sell out their small to medium sized ground i think previous figures is evidence enough. the facts speak louder than any argument i could make!

Heres a list of their attendances for cl games in the last four years: there must be some sort of cap on the 42 thousand mark as i know for a fact that games like barca chelsea juve were def sold out and yet the figures say 42.

Anfield (capacity: 45,362)

1 Attendance: 40,058
4 Attendance: 41,948
5 Barcelona Attendance: 42,579

1 TNS Attendance: 44760
2 FBK Kaunas Attendance: 43,717
3 CSKA Sofia Attendance: 42,175
4 Chelsea Attendance: 42,743
5 Anderlecht unavail
6 Betis Attendance: 42077
7 Benfica Attendance: 42745

1 GAK Attendance: 42,950
2 Monaco Attendance: 33,517
3 Deportivo Attendance: 40236
4 Olympicos unavail
5 B Leverkusen Attendance: 40,952
6 Juventus Attendance: 41216
7 Chelsea Attendance: 42529

1 Basle Attendance: 37,634
2 Moskow Attendance: 40,812
3 Attendance: 41, 831

Regarding fingal post, liv are the third most successful team in europe and have won the most top flight leagues in england.

Out of interest here are the average attendances for European teams in 2006:

  1. FC Barcelona: 73,225 (Spain)
  2. Borussia Dortmund: 72,625 (Germany)
  3. Real Madrid: 71,545 (Spain)
  4. Manchester United: 68,675 (England)
  5. Bayern Munich: 67,640 (Germany)
  6. Schalke 04: 61,300 (Germany)
  7. AC Milan: 59,995 (Italy)
  8. Celtic: 58,150 (Scotland)
  9. Hamburg SV: 52,630 (Germany)
  10. Newcastle United: 52,030 (England)
  11. Internazionale: 51,370 (Italy)
  12. Rangers: 49,245 (Scotland)
  13. Olympique Marseille: 49,165 (France)
  14. FC Koln: 48,940 (Germany)
  15. Borussia Munchengladbach: 47,835 (Germany)
  16. Ajax: 47,280 (Netherlands)
  17. Hertha Berlin SC: 46,705 (Germany)
  18. Liverpool: 44,345 (England)

Germany is very impressive in that list. FC Koeln are in Bundesliga 2 and Berlin and Munchengladbach have had nothing to shout about in recent times. In that respect I guess Newcastle and the huns come out of it well.

where did you find those out of interest gerrardo? Regarding your earlier post I would certainly classify Liverpool as a bigger club than Chelsea but I thought Gerrard had other offers from bigger clubs? Interesting to see when they move to their new stadium how many empty seats there will be for Champions League games. How big will the capacity be?