Receiver appointed to Wallace properties

Yet another failed Wexford business man goes bust

A receiver has been appointed by ACC Bank to a number of properties controlled by developer and TD for Wexford, Mick Wallace.

Declan Taite of FGS was appointed last Tuesday to the Italian Quarter on Ormond Quay in Dublin city centre, the Behan Square apartment complex on Russell St near Croke Park, and to development land in Rathgar, Dublin 6.

All the assets were under the control of Mr Wallace’s main development company, M&J Wallace Ltd. It is understood that ACC Bank is owed €20m, and had fixed charges over the specific assets in question.

In recent times, Mr Wallace has made no secrets of the financial difficulties facing his company, as a result of the collapse in the property market.

Mr Wallace recently admitted that he owed €40m to various banks. These are understood to include Ulster Bank, AIB and Bank of Scotland Ireland. However, these banks have so far not moved to recover their money.

Did he build the opera house?

Tis a sad day for the people of wexford

Wexford is nothing but a litany of failure. (except 96 when they beat us in the hurling)

He did not build the award winning Wexford Opera House, home of the world famous Wexford Opera Festival.

Wexford Youths are about to sell Kevin Rowe to Spartak Tblisi for €60m so he’ll be grand.

Your comments are a complete slap in the face after my recent praise of Adare on the Limerick thread.

A shocking revelation but they do grow nice strawberries

I’ve given it some consideration and I’ve decided to withdraw my comment. I hope this incident hasn’t irreparably damaged your opinion of west Limerick and it’s people.

Are you a JP lackie too runt

I hope Mick pulls through.

Having been an arch-critic of Mick Wallace and the €40 million he now owes the taxpayers in the past, I feel a hollowness now that it’s all come home to roost. I hope he can pull through and pay his way out of this mess.

I’d also like to say Wexford is a noble place and Mick’s failure is only a symptom of the great entrepreneurial spirit of the county, if that’s a sin then we must pray that God sends us more sinners. God speed you Mick Wallace.

:o :clap:

You feeling ok? You’ll be praising Aidan O’Brien and Ray Darcy before the end of the year at this rate.

Took you long enough to comment Mac. What have you to say about your beloved Mick now ?


The Runt has been seen drinking drinks proviided by the odious cunt alright.

Are there are rules specifically around a TD getting into financial difficulty? Could it affect his position?

You are living in interesting times, Mac. The age-old alliance between the two Viking towns of Wexford and Limerick has been reforged in steel. However, as Ray D’Arcy is from Kildare he is excluded from any detente and will remain a pussy-whipped dork going forward.

Given that Haughey and FitzGerald had debts that would make Wallace’s eyes water I don’t think so

The people our parish will never forget the great hospitality shown to them by the members of Faythe Harriers CLG during the 1998 Feile na nGael