Rene Higuita Is At It Again

Hilarious stuff. Check him out for the 3rd goal 2:20 into the video. Tremendous stuff from the nutter:


Very unlucky there. Hard to know if it was the right decision to come 60 yards for the ball or not! Shocking replays too of your man just strolling home, misses the whole point of the goal.

A couple more Rene moments.

Scoring a freekick:

Scorpion kick:

Didnt know he was still playing. Some man to still be playing at 42.

mucho loco

That Scorpion kick took some balls.

I think the whistle had gone for an offside, not sure if he knew this or not though…

I couldn’t find the clip on You Tube but I’m pretty sure I recall him dribbling out of the box against Cameroon in the 1990 World Cup and getting dispossessed and giving away a goal.

Yeah - Roger Milla scored it.

I heard Bohs are after him.

Roger Milla was 53 at the time aswell.

He was in his hole, he’s only 56 now

Ya, I think he’s only a couple of years older than Ofembi Martins.