Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain damage


I was a GGA fan mate
now I despise them


You better believe that’s a paddlin’


I was going to say are these lads for real still discussing if Gooch was a superstar. Kinda the same as saying Van Basten wasn’t.

But i enjoyed this :joy::joy::joy:




Brolly looking for a reaction by ignoring hard statistics.

Looking for a reaction, I’d say he’s be surprised that someone, even someone as blind as you, agrees with him.

Still it probably sold a few more copies on the Sindo around Drumcondra so job done.


Is there a statistic for disappearing in big games when it really matters?

Gooch would walk that one.


I’d say there’s a few Mayo footballers and Galway hurlers ahead of him if you use your style of selective viewing.


I’d remove that quick smart if I were you.




Not sure he realises the forces he’s dealing with here.


Like a scalded cat he was. Fucking outrageous alroght tho


I’ll take a top top pm from someone on what this lad came out with earlier before @myboyblue ran him like a bould dog


I see Andy Mallon has called it a day.

A class act.



Unlucky player. Made his debut in 2003, the year after Armagh won their first All-Ireland, and retired five months before they won their second.


The Ciaran Whelan of Armagh.


The entire history of Laois football of Armagh.


Ah lovely. Job done.


Tyrone’s two-time All-Ireland winner Joe McMahon has announced his retirement from inter-county football.


Great player.