Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain damage


Is he injured? Odd time to retire otherwise with championship just around the corner.


Is he the guy who starred in the gay porno films?



I cant say for sure.


How come anyone in porno films are “stars” ?


Himself and a fella called Fergus


He’ll be missed*****. This is getting out of hand now.




A Kerry hurler that nobody outside of north Kerry has heard of, releasing a retirement statement ffs


Enjoy the retirement John, you owe Kerry hurling nothing.


I thought Shefflin wouldn’t be beat but nothing will top Anna Geary announcing her retirement on Six One news in an interview with Marty.


With her ego I’m not surprised


Ciaran McKeever

Cc @Nembo_Kid


A few days before she let me waiting in a gym in Togher for her and was a no-show for an assessment.

She was told shape up or ship out.

She rang Marty before she actually told any team or manager she played for


Jilted she stood you up?


Jilted no. Not my type.

Annoyed i gave up my time for it unpaid ya.

She was a very good player. We wanted her to play. She didn’t.

We went and won it with 13 new panel members anyway.


Sean Cavanagh. A great player for Tyrone


An all time great full stop.


Indeed. He must hate the Gaelic Football he’s been forced to play for the last few years.


Seeing him up close he really looked like he hated it today anyway.


A relief to him, what a player, an all time great, would probably make it onto the team of my lifetime.