Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain damage


Niall McNamee. A top class scoring forward. Only 31 too.


You’d have good odds on him retiring at 31


Hard to keep going when the prospects are so shit.


It amused me that Seán Cavanagh didn’t bother to acknowledge this twee likebait tweet from Dick Clerkin.


Does “liking” it not count as acknowledging it?


Clerkin is a fucking ballbag of a man.


Clerkin is absolutely painful, an almighty dose and one of the new breed of GAA pundits who are Croke Park company men.


Wooly found it hilarious that cavanagh onky responded to a few tweets from big hitters like stephen Ferris and caul pollins


Declan O Sullivan, Aidan O Mahony, Tomás O Sé, Henry Shefflin, all the big hitters. Collins got the nod because of some piss up they were on at the All Stars.


Hmmm. I’ve the same thought process as him. :eek:

Cavanagh replying to AP MCCoy appeared on my timeline but then no reply at all to Dick who really went with an original and inventive angle.


His son’s what? Or his sons? What’s Dick trying to say here?

Is ‘yours’ a word?


Didn’t Cavanagh pull a sickie above against Cork in 2009 as the current FOTY


The opening chapter in Mickey Harte’s book covers that matter. He put the thing in the context of the pressures SC was under . Bizarre stuff it was . I thought at the time Sean Cavanagh could never look at MH in the same light .


There’s a depth of character in the man’s face, a solid decent fellow I would say. No doubt in my mind a future president of the Gaa. Best of luck to you Sean.


Or possibly a future President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.


That too maybe assuming he is an accountant.


Yes I remember that, quite bizarre from Cavanagh to pull a sickie, Harte to write about it in his book while he was still managing and SC still playing



Karl Lacey


Karl Lacey is hanging up his boots.