Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain damage


Karl Lacey


Karl Lacey from Donegal who was an IC Footballer has retired, guys.

Is Ballbag Clerkin aware of this? cc ballbag


Karl Lacey has hung up his boots, lads.


Never the same player after the hair transplant


Lacey was unreal in his prime.


Pity nobody picked up on your clever little quip!


A footballing legend. 4 All Stars first one in 2006, POTY 2012. Fair play to him he was an inspiration to his teammates. At 33 years old sure he’s only child yet. Best of luck to you Karl.


Cheers, pal.


Why are you thanking me har?


The nice things you said above.


It’s true though. Over the last 10 years his name has been synonymous with quality football.


He’ll have a tough few weeks, Four Masters are in the relegation play offs and look to be the favourites for the drop.

I doubt it’ll be too long before he takes a over a club side.


You and I know it was wonderful and thats all that matters.


I’d love it if Ireland AM got an exclusive interview with Karl Lacey to discuss his inter-county retirement.


He will manage Donegal and maybe others as well first. Strikes me as someone who will be cute and do the learning elsewhere


Farewell Justy.


Brendan Bugler, Clare.


Was he still playing?


Coming a bit late to this but just to say that in my view Karl Lacey was one of the best defenders I have ever seen.

His tackling technique and tenacity was unrivalled.

Also an intelligent footballer with an eye for a score.

The only player I recall getting the better of him in Lacey’s prime was Benny Coulter, another class act.


Lacey was sheer class.

Understated because he seems like a bit of a Tony Browne in not wanting linelight.

Only met him briefly and a bit of correspondance, but he is a likable guy and could make a serious manager in time