Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain damage


The committment is somewhat over rated.

I have little insight into this chap, but maybe he just doesn’t give a fuck.


I’d say the management made the decision for him. Not good enough anyway


Never they quickest or most powerful but a decent workmanlike player . A really good freetaker too . Clare lacked in these areas this year .


+1. Clutch freetaker. Sort of fellow you’d love to have on your panel and throw him on with 10 minutes to go. He’d work his bollix off for you and nail any frees that needed nailing.


Nailed everything in Croke Park in August 2013. :sweat:


Will someone throw up that article from sometime in early 2014 where I think Damian Lawlor or Jackie Cahill were detailing how Colin Ryan had arrived two hours early for the first training session of the year to show how committed he was?


The actions of a man that does give a fuck cc @caoimhaoin


I think the man himself is being sarcastic about the shite written about players.

And giving a fuck then does not mean giving a fuck now


Kev - I realised he was being sarcastic, I was piss taking


Why don’t you go and fuck yourself :joy:


An excellent striker and stickman but lacked the engine and athleticism to be a real top class player. Looked to be pretty much done as an intercounty hurler in 2012 and was very much on the periphery of the Clare panel and then went on to change his game and reinvent himself somewhat as a hard working half forward who would look to link play rather than an finisher/inside forward where he simply hadn’t the pace to get out in front of a decent intercouny corner back.

Again he would be another lad who I would class as a gadget player but gave some decent performances in a Clare shirt and got the most out of himself for a finish but was more solid than spectacular. He was an excellent freetaker to his credit.

He was a serious prospect underage and was seen as the next big thing from a young age. He has turned into a serious club hurler for Newmarket and is very much the heartbeat of their team these days compared to a lad who was often kept very quite by fairly average club corners back up to the not too distant past.


If him and Hannon swapped places that day Limerick would have won the 2013 All Ireland


If Hannon and Dowling had swapped even :disappointed_relieved:


Me aunt had …


Of course if that Tipp tramp playing with Dublin hadn’t been sent off against Cork they’d have won it themselves.


He was a key cog in the AI winning team imo.


Not really, decent free taker is all.
you’re a quare judge of a hurler, was he better than Eoin Larkin :rofl:


I would still have him over podge Collins .


Some guy called Jamie Clarke from Armagh is not making himself available next year…


A has bean ?