Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain damage


Jarlath is a school principal isnt he?


He is.


Ah you couldn’t have him so. If he was invested that much in Dublins develooment i think thats a dangerous game. Its very hard for us to be inpartial in such circumstances.

How is he best man?

Who are the candidates?


Thats a good inititive in fairness. I know a coach who mived up from Cork to go into a “weak” GAA area. He can’t get over the support.


Duffy was a school principal and Mulvihill was a schoolteacher. Seems to be perfect training for the job. Mulivihills appointment came completely out of left field, so anything is possible.


Fuck Burns.


Might be time for a Northerner to get the gig all the same.


Deshaun Kavanagh it is so.


Did mulvihill replace Sean O Siochain ?


Monaghan is north .




He has great vision and ideas, he’s his own man and is very strategic - Spidey’s example being one. He’s probably most experienced, as a sports administrator, as well. Thats why he’s the best man. But that means nothing in the world of the GAA.

Don’t know who the other candidates are - haven’t heard anyone being mooted to be honest (just seen Fagan’s post on the other thread now). I was being flippant in the initial response, but I stand by the assertion he’s the best man. As a Dub, I’d not want to lose him though


We wont be hearing too much about the candidates in this race. They’ll already have their man earmarked, and will run through a few interviews for the show of it. I’d be happy with Costello or Gilroy to take the reins, it would be the death knell for the association for Burns to be let near the role.


Course they do. I think that may have been the ‘‘Unforeseen circumstances’’ last weekend, which leads me to think Gilroy won’t take it


The timing of Frank Murphy’s retirement from the Cork County Board now makes perfect sense. This will be long overdue national recognition for the country’s foremost administrator.


He is the best but you don’t know the other candidates.

Not that we didn’t know it already, but christ you are one myopic Dub.

Civil Service worries me.

This is a monumental decision for GAA. Duffy has been a disaster and is leaving the place in a mess and the GAA without a real identity.

Whoever it is needs to be someone with very recent on the ground dealings. Now Costello may well be than man and he does sound impressive.

Hos attachment to Dublin and Civil Service Managemebt roles would definitely be a concern though


Yeah, some private sector yes man is what is needed.




Huh indeed.

Please list lines of work which prospective candidates have engaged in which would not worry you.


Michael O’Leary would lick the gaa into shape in jig time.