Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain damage


Under Michael O’Leary, the days of cancelled fixtures would be over.

Oh, wait.


I gave you ‘why’s’ without any reference to him being a Dub, but to his experience

Your comprehension skills need work


No you eyes need opening.

Its ridiculously stupid what you said and admitted to.

“He is best man for the job.”

“I don’t know who is in for the job.”

You don’t have to regerence where he is from we all know. However you did give it away anyway by saying "as a dub i’d hate to lose him":joy::joy::joy:


There is more than Dublin around you fool.


For someone who does the billy big balls on your life experience and your open minded outlook on life, you are actually quite thick and lack very basic comprehension skills. It’s no wonder you’re easily spoofed


You can deflect all you want. Its in b&w

Fairly typical of a beaten docket to look for other angles.

Sid/nembo like almost


This statement lark has gone too far.

John O’Keefe has released one. He started one championship game since 2011 ffs sake. There were 3.5 years when he wasn’t even on the panel


He will be a big loss to the game.




Henry Shefflin tweeted him saying “we had many the battle and I think we broke even”


In other news Joey Lapira announces his retirement from international soccer .


Thats just weird.

What do these people think they are at?


Is he a ‘character’?


Wouldn’t have thought so


Ya i was hoping he did it for craic.

Then i realised he was a GDA


Yep, thought twas a wum


Emmet Bolton


Has he released a retirement statement?


Edited my post to include it.


Mad as a box of frogs. That statement is firmly tongue in cheek.


Was thinking it’s not a proper GAA retirement without a statement