Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain damage


He fucking destroyed us on his own that day. Never hurled like it before or since. The cunt


We still should have taken them that day


We were a rabble that day, a very average Dublin team


We were but wasted at least 2 goal chances


The expensive Cork man blundered that day, gaping hole down the centre of our defence all year long and he never rectified it. Think he tried Gavin & Seamus at full back in the league and championship but it was never right. Think that might have been the last game Brian Geary played for us too. Great, great servant but that was a game too far for him.

John Mullane mugging us off with a dramatic late goal in the Munster semi final at Thurles when we were two points up. As crushing a defeat as we ever experienced. Easier when you are beaten by 15 points.


That was Kevin Downes big day?? Was O’Grady over that team?


Yes and Yes


O Dwyer was a bit of an eejit.

However despite his limitations he always gave everything for Dublin and I admired him for that. When things turned septic under Ger Cunningham he stuck at it, unlike a lot of Dublin born lads and he deserves credit for that. He will forever be remembered and blamed for the red card v Cork. Gary Maguire was coming out with a ball the same day and inexplicably dropped the ball at Pat Horgan’s feet who tapped it into the net. Maguire gets a free pass while O Dwyer is forever held repospnsible. Harsh enough treatment, even for a Tipp man!


O’Dwyer’s ability came from limerick via his Olympic gold medallist grandfather.
A cousin played for limerick 21s this year.

He obviously got the mental side from Tipp


You cant teach that shit.


He played a few games under John Allen the next year, I think mostly at centre-forward. He was never that fast anyways but the legs were well and truly gone from Gears at that stage.


You could have finished that with a beautiful “but the Gears were gone” and you would have received likes for being clever and witty.


I’m giving that a love-heart for being both clever and witty.


He was dirty enough i saw him target lads heads a few times and was never loved or missed in tipp. But he was committed. I heard him talking once after dublin won leinster and someone asked him was that your biggest achievement, he said no, he was proudest of keeping cashel up one year in a relegation match. Youd wonder if his club meant that much why he left them.


Tbf he wasn’t much to look at at intercounty level but he was keeping Cashel up mostly on his own for a few years and they collapsed once he left


Thank god some dubs see the dub hurlers for what they are


Some players showed a lack of will and staying power but that doesn’t change the fact that Ger Cunningham was a really terrible manager and the County Board were windy cunts for leaving him there for 3 years.


Bit of everything really


Pretty much


Colm O Neill.

A career of what might have beens.

Not a bad haul nonetheless.