Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain damage


He was a great player and a savage competitor.


Kerrys problem was, that Plan B was far more tempting than Plan A. They’d want to hold Donaghy back, but simply couldn’t. And never developed an alternative Plan B.

They also never replaced the best man to deliver an angled ball to Donaghy after he retired.


I’m honoured to be compared to the great man.


Would that not be Plan C?


Not if Plan B became Plan A before the game starts. Try to keep up. I know I have you on full tilt now, but at least try.


Its how I imagine you look, only more intelligent. You that is. Curtis looks thick as cowshite.


Where does Plan A go, the original Plan A?


@buffegan will hardly pay tribute after the way ‘star’ treated him in favour of the Baldy Lad


His name is the Star
He put it under the bar
A good man for a jar
But now he says au revoir

He took Kerry far
Even when under par
His antics were bizarre
But as good value as Spar


Game respects game.


made a balls of it, with that line.



That was a very good statement from Kieran. The Star indeed.


Swift, Stoker, Wilde, Joyce, O’Casey, Shaw, Beckett, Behan, Kelly, Lynott, Hewson, Doyle, Dempsey, Curtis.


Jesus Christ it’s gotten out of hand. First it was statements & now a fucking poem? & a shit poem at that. Honestly is this not bizzare?

I know this is a retiring GAA players thread but amidst everyone thinking he’s a legend I still think Buffon is a total cunt for writing a heartfelt letter to the ‘goals’ or some shit one day.

Donaghy for an Unseen Poetry Question on the Leaving Cert 2019?


He has an ego larger than the entire rest of the kerry squad and management put together.


Are we talking Anthony Nash levels of ego?


Box Office!


By God


Donaghy was a brilliant footballer and one of the best of his generation.

In 2006 he blew everyone away including putting a final nail in the coffin of the Armagh 2002 team, the biggest underachievers of all time.

He was superb in the 2011 final where he ended up on the defeated side.

His lay off for Clifford’s goal this season was typical Donaghy Always a threat with nothing on, tremendous in the air and brilliantly composed and smart when it came to laying off the ball. Similar with O’Donoghue’s goal against Mayo in 2014.