Retiring GAA Stars tribute thread - May cause brain damage


The catch and pass to JOD was fucking outstanding, the speed of hand and thought was insane. He was brought on midfield in that game and eventually shunted to full forward as a last throw of the dice.

Great ball from Moran too, Kerry never replaced Sean O Sullivan’s deliveries to him.


Who passed it to Donaghy against Monaghan? Was it Moran as well?


No, ‘twas JOD


Oh worse.

At least Donaghy has a few medals to show for it though.

Nash is fucking painful


Poor ol Nasher. That’s the Cork in him.


Nah the majority of them are very humble types. He sticks out like a sore thumb


His teammates and managers seemed to like him all the same


They have plenty to be humble about.


Well of course, he was of immense value to them. Having a large ego does not make you automatically unlikable though

People like Ronaldo too


You seemingly do not understand the word I fear


I saw Donaghy once in Flannerys downing vodka red bulls with mates.

He gave the barman a tip. Must be a prick.


Donaghy is sound out. I’ve met him a few times - a great lad and the best footballer of his generation.


Woof !!


one of the greatest players of all time


Donaghy is a very sound lad. I met him at a wedding once.


And he hit Aidan O’Shea a slap too. :clap::clap:


they absolutely hate him in Cork too, he must have been doing something right


Everybody everywhere loves Star, incredibly popular with Cork supporters


A xenophobic want to be brit cunt


A lovely tribute from one legend to another.